Media Ministry
Bro. Greg Walker, Ministry, Leader
The New Hope Media Ministry serves the church by providing the necessary technology, equipment, and personnel to effectively aid in the sharing of the gospel.  There are many different areas where you can come and share your God given gifts and talents, or learn something new to serve the Body of Christ.
The Audio Team
1. Front of the House audio engineers, who mix audio for the congregation in a live mixing environment
2.  Recording engineers, who mic CD/DVD recordings in the Studio Mixing environment
3.  Post Production engineers
Duplication Team
Duplication techs are responsible for duplication, labeling, and packaging of all CD’s and DVD’s that are distributed.
Pro-Presenter Operators
Pro-Presenter Operators have to be familiar with our Worship Service songs, as they display the lyrics for the congregation to follow, in addition to the scriptures displayed during the message.