New Member’s Ministry
Min. Linda Bunch, Ministry Leader
The New Member’s Ministry here at New Hope is a vital  part of church.  It is designed to insure that all new members make a smooth and comfortable transition into their new church family.
This step is very important as it marks the beginning of them finding a place in the family of God.  We are here to support and embrace each new member.
There is a special time for fellowship with Pastor Hinson and First Lady Hinson along with the Deacons in a meet and greet atmosphere.
To make sure each individual knows who they are in Christ and what Jesus did to save us from our sins.  This class is to give the new members a foundation to stand upon while being nurtured with the word of God in Small Groups, Sunday morning worship, Bible Study and their own time spent with the Lord Jesus.  In addition, the new members are taught what we believe as a Christ-led Bible teaching church.