Rapid Credentialing Courses Offered for Fall – With WIOA and/or Covid 19 Grant Funding Available!

Good Evening Everyone, 

Attached are flyers for 8 Continuing Education courses that we are offering this Fall, funded by the Rapid Credentialing Grant under the CARES Act.  We have established a scholarship account to pay for the tuition, industry certification fees, and student materials. (Refer to the attached scholarship application) Students may qualify by simple completing the FAFSA and the scholarship application to attend at no cost.   


You will notice the application has three options, College Credit Certificate (CCC), Career Certificate (CC), and Continuing Education courses.  Meaning, we can cover the cost for a student to earn one of the certificates in column 1, which tends to be a semester or two in length. We can also pay the full cost of one of the programs under Career Certificate (CC) or any of the ones listed under Continuing Education.   


We need your help to get these flyers in the hands of the folks in the community and centers where people tend to go for services/support.  Career Source and the Chamber of Commerce already have them. Career Source has been providing vouchers to pay for the courses and sending applicants our way.   


Should you have any questions or need me to speak with someone or a group, please let me know. I can be reached at 352-279-1192 or at the office.


Continuing Education Rapid Credentialing Courses – Fall 2020
Continuing Education Rapid Credentialing Courses – Spring 2021