Prayer & Care Ministry

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Are you or a family member experiencing an illness, injury or condition requiring medical attention that may or may not include surgery? Our Comfort & Care team offers encouragement and support with

  • hospital and home visits
  • get-well cards offering words of encouragement, hope and love
  • a church bulletin announcement
  • phone calls
  • prayer


If you and/or a family member is unable to participate in the life of our church because of a chronic or long-term illness or due to a physical or mental limitation, we are here to love and support you in a number of ways:

  • home visits
  • nursing home and rehab center visits
  • cards of encouragement, hope and love
  • phone calls
  • communion
  • prayer



Are you experiencing the pain of losing a loved one? We offer a variety of support to our members and/or their families during their time of bereavement that include—

  • home visits
  • assistance with meals
  • sympathy cards
  • a church bulletin announcement
  • assistance with funeral preparation
  • a floral arrangement
  • a funeral resolution from our church



Congratulations on the birth of your newborn! As a member, your church family joins us in celebrating the newest member of your family with—

  • a church bulletin announcement
  • congratulations new baby cards
  • a Shower-in-the-Box containing basic baby necessities


For mothers experiencing postpartum depression, we have after-birth support that includes

  • home visits
  • meals
  • personal and spiritual encouragement
  • professional counseling, if needed