Prayer Request

Francine Holmes, May 5, 2022 - 7:47 pm

I want to thank New Hope and the Pastor and Leslie for the prayers for my son Emanuel. If it wasn't for the prayers and our God ,he wouldn't still be with us today. He wasn't suppose to live per the Dr.'s ,but my almighty Dr.made the miracle happen. He regained consciousness. He has his vent and trach out,and is breathing on his own. His feeding tube is out and eating on his own. He told this momma the best words a momma can hear. I love you mom. Since is wreck on 2/2322 when they told me he wouldn't ever walk my faith remained strong. Today God continues to use Manny as a true testimony, miracles happen. Manny stood today for the first time. His journey is a long way to go still. He did also suffer a traumatic brain injury and numerous physical injuries. But ,nothing is too difficult or impossible for our God. Please continue to pray for my son ,Emauel Jordan Holmes as we continue to make this long journey. Because we know we have a God willing and able. Thank you Jesus!